Where can I find a real life situation from natural science for my IB TOK presentation?by admin · April 18, 2010In this clip, Ross argues that the theory of evolution is the only possibility and Phoebe argues that evolution is just one of the possibilities. Do you think her assumptions are valid? How might we decide which of their viewpoints is most persuasive?Let’s look closer at the evidence for evolution put forward by Richard Dawkins.

He states that in the USA 40% of people do not believe in evolution 30 Jul 2013 - Transcript of TOK natural sciences presentation. TOK Presentation Natural Sciences Real life situation. Knowledge issue. The Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Crisis Why does science prevail in generating faith despite the uncertainties associated with it? Real Life Situation The Japanese nuclear reactor .

In the book advertised in this clip he sets out the evidence for evolution. Dawkins assumes that belief in evolution excludes the possibility of believing in God.

An alternative perspective might be that God uses evolution as a recipe for creating intelligent life. Is it more likely that we are here through random chance or through some divine plan? Which do you think is the most plausible? What implications might your view have?If you wanted to make use of one of these clips as a real life situation you could generate your own knowledge question for a presentation.

Here are some examples:Comparing natural science and history, how do we decide what is a convincing interpretation of the evidence and why?To what extent do we need evidence in order to know something in science and the arts?No related posts.