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Rob Cotey of the Markville history department 2.

What is sociology?

  • The social science discipline that looks at the development and structure of human society and how it works (Transitions in Society, Challenge and Change)
  • Sociology is the study of social life, social change, and the social causes and consequences of human behavior WCAS Department of Sociology. Sociology. The study of social institutions, collectivities, and groups. Psychology. Focuses on behavior at the individual level. Anthropology. Focuses on smaller groups and their cultures. VS. We ask questions like . . . What role do personal connections and social networks play in producing .

    (American Sociological Association)

3. Sociology subject matter:
  • Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, organizations, and societies, and how people interact within these contexts.

  • All human behavior is social so the subject matter of sociology ranges from the intimate family to the hostile mob; from organized crime to religious cults; from the divisions of race, gender and social class to the shared beliefs of a common culture; and from the sociology of work to the sociology of sports. The roles we play
    • We all play certain roles in our society – Social Scientists refer to this as status
    • Status is the term used to describe our position within an institution
    • eg.

      The Yorkland School – There are many positions at Yorkland ranging from teacher, vice-principal, guidance counselor, principal, student and administrator – Can you put them in order on the hierarchy?

    5 29 Apr 2005 - “Knowledge of the social world and, more precisely, the categories which make it possible, are the stakes par excellence of political struggle, a struggle which is inseparably “Every field is the site of a more or less openly declared struggle for the definition of the legitimate principles of division of the field..


    • Hierarchy is the ranking system used in any particular environment based on authority ot power
    • Each position or role requires a certain type of expertise which is valued by society
    • In order to distinguish between these roles people are expected to dress and act in a certain way
    • On any given day we can play many different roles in society – eg. A parent can drive their kids to school and then go to work and teach their students

    Rules, norms and values

    • Values – Society carries with it a system of values.

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      The practitioners of these roles are expected to accept and internalize these values Realism, foundationalism, objectivism (positivism Ch. 3). relativism (social constructionism, sociology of science Ch. 4 and 5). But what How to compare the world with a theory, since one can never get outside one's theory (opinion)? Irony: only in. 'God's eye' can Abduction: inference to the best explanation. No logical .

    • Norms – These are rules set out for a particular role that are considered standard behaviour (eg.

      Catholic Priests are expected to be celibate)

    • Rules – These are developed by cultures based on their system of values
    7. Deviance
    • Deviance – Any behaviour that is different from the societal norm.

      It is deviant because we, as a society, do not accept it

    • Deviance can range from simple eccentricities to behaviour that harms society or is considered disreputable
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    We do not reprove (denounce) it because it is a crime, but it is a crime because we reprove it” Emile Durkheim

  • What do you think of Durkheim’s quote? Is it compatible with a Christian worldview?
9. Rehabilitation
  • Sociology has formed a strong link with the justice system
  • A fundamental component of modern imprisonment is rehabilitation, or trying to re-educate and resocialize inmates so that they can grow to accept society’s values and norms

Schools of thought in sociology

  • Sociologists have debated among themselves about the real nature of society
  • As societies change and become more diverse sociologists need to consider cultural diversity when considering sociological issues
11. Structural - functionalism
  • According to structural-functionalism, each society should provide its members with the fundamental requirements for functioning
  • A system must have a way of fulfilling material needs, a system for socializing and educating the young, a way of regulating human reproduction (usually marriage)
  • Structural-Functionalists believe their role is to try to explain the role of society’s systems in enabling human society to function
  • Structural-Functionalists do not concern themselves with change but instead with how society works to meet their needs


  • Based on ideas originally proposed by Karl Marx (1818-1883)
  • Marx believed that economic power led to political power 7 Sep 2009 - the basics of sociology for HSB4M. An introduction to sociology Mr. K. Brooks The Yorkland School HSB4M – 12 Challenge & Change in Society Thanks to Mr. Rob Cotey of the Markville history department A parent can drive their kids to school and then go to work and teach their students
; 6..

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) have been created to perpetuate the division between the powerful and the powerless 13. Symbolic interactionism

  • Symbolic Interactionists believe humans have complex brains and little instinctive behaviour
  • This means they can interpret for themselves the stimuli they receive in their daily life and attach their own meanings to them
  • Eg.

    One person might pursue fame and fortune while a sibling might dedicate his or her life to charitable work in a developing country

  • It is essentially how we as individuals process and interpret what we observe in society, not society’s institutions, that form the core of our value system
  • For this reason, Symbolic Interactionists focus their research on the human mind rather than on structures in society
14. Feminist theory
  • Feminist Theorists focus on sex and gender issues, believing that women have traditionally been disadvantaged in society because men have discriminated against them
  • They believe that men have made the decisions in society and that they tend to favour men.

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    Liberal feminism tends to emphasise social policy to open up professional, better-paid and prestigious jobs to women and the elimination of laws discriminating against the political, property and social rights of women (encyclopedia of Marxism)

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Marxian feminism

  • Marxian Feminists believe that women’s unpaid and undervalued domestic work has made it possible for industrial owners to pay lower wages to male workers.

  • They also believe that the continuation of lower paid jobs has enabled the dominant class (the capitalists) to retains their control
17. Radical feminism
  • Radical Feminists believe that their natural child bearing role has led to a systematic oppression by men
  • They believe they live in a patriarchal society in which men dominate most of the institutions and are so entrenched that women cannot break in to these fields

Socialist feminism

  • Socialist Feminists try to separate issues of oppression that are the result of patriarchy which is a result of capitalism

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Comparison of the disciplines Discipline Main focus Methods listed Anthropology The development of the human species and human cultures throughout the world Living with the cultural group for extended periods; observing rituals and group behaviours Psychology Individual behaviour, to discover the underlying triggers or causes of human behaviour Studying people's feelings, thoughts, and personality development through interviews to determine past influential experiences; conducting animal experiments, believing these will lead to a greater understanding of the human mind Sociology How people act in group situations; the development and structure of human society and how it works Conducting statistical analysis and observation 21 Oct 2017 - How to use a powerpoint slide master. Read/create word, excel and powerpoint files without. Microsoft powerpoint 2016 is available to buy. Introduction to microsoft(r) lync(tm) - college of. Dissertation oral defense phd dissertation presentation powerpoint best websites buy essay is it legal to buy essays