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Theatre Arts Theses and DissertationsBrowse by(University of Oregon, 2003-08)This study identifies and examines Moises Kaufinan's theoretical questions and rehearsal techniques from their development in initial works at New York University to their specific application during the creation of Gross . (University of Oregon, 2016-10-27)The integrated musical is a vehicle for the creation and communication of a national identity, created through the use of coded performances of gender and, at times, rural settings conceptualized as essentially “American.

(University of Oregon, 2015-08-18)Theatre is often an invitation to enter the black home subject to its violations and crisis; this thesis repositions the black home and body in contemporary American and British theatre as constructed by the narratives and .

Theatre arts theses and dissertations

It proposes a change in the contemporary actor's work to more purposefully integrate practical dramaturgy as a preparation that parallels In order to establish an informed understanding of how contemporary abstract painting is situated in the art world today, this dissertation will investigate how .

(University of Oregon, 2014-09-29)Amas Repertory Theatre was founded in 1969 by Rosetta LeNoire, an African American actress who pursued a mission of developing original musicals while practicing interracial casting.

(University of Oregon, 2014-09-29)For practitioners and scholars of site-specific theatre, attempts to understand the relationship between a site and performance have often focused on performance.

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(University of Oregon, 2013-10-03)During the Great Depression President Roosevelt's New Deal brought relief to Americans through the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The Federal Theatre Project (FTP) was formed in 1935 under the WPA to lift spirits, .

(University of Oregon, 2013-07-11)As the cultural upheaval of the `60s fought its way into the `70s, Bill Talen began his career first as a poet, hitchhiking the interstate highways from the Midwest to the Coasts eagerly engaging the literary, intellectual, .

(University of Oregon, 2012)Historically, women have been largely discounted from the public comedic arena, typically serving as the butt of the joke or other various comedic fodder.

As a female comedian, I became interested in how gender played In order to help you with the education dissertation topic selection process, we A transactional method to learning and teaching in an English language arts .

(University of Oregon, 2012)This thesis examines contemporary community-based theatre processes and efficacy through a case study of Sojourn Theatre Company. Chapter II overviews Sojourn's production history and explores the company's style. (University of Oregon, 2012)This dissertation examines the effects of conventionally categorizing working artists and looks specifically at the Cherub Company, London, as a case study. Cherub was an alternative British theatre company whose work in .

(University of Oregon, 2012-03)On the border between Beadle & Adam’s dime novel and Edwin Porter’s ground-breaking film, The Great Train Robbery, this dissertation returns to a period in American theater history when the legendary cowboy came to life.

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(University of Oregon, 2009-06)Jambands were born in the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco with the Grateful Dead, who dominated this musical genre until the mid-nineties.

Jamband expert Dean Budnick coined the term shortly thereafter to describe .

(University of Oregon, 2009-12)Pulitzer Prize winning playwright Paula Vogel, playwright and educator, has blazed a trail in American theatre, opening new avenues for female playwrights 3 Oct 2009 - The work submitted in this thesis is my own; appropriate credit has been wider context of writing in fine art and design in order to understand .

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(University of Oregon, 2009-06)Many plays with adult themes involve a child character in order to help present controversial issues. Little is written, however, concerning the ethics surrounding the involvement of children in adult-themed plays, and .

(University of Oregon, 2008-03)This study explores and demonstrates how Marina Can uses Irish folktale motifs in her plays to bring the audience to a state of mind where they viscerally, as opposed to intellectually, engage with Ireland's search for a Senior. Abstract submitted for SPEA Honors Thesis Presentation The performing arts provide a creative escape for children, introducing them to the Research like this should be presented to policy makers in order to incorporate the arts..

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